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BrainStrong Prenatal Vitamins With DHA

If this is your first pregnancy, a lot of questions are probably whizzing through your mind every day. One question might even be: Why are there so many prenatal vitamins to choose from?

Unfortunately, I don’t even know why so many companies make prenatal vitamins. Very few are exactly alike, but they should be. Very few have all the recommended ingredients, but they all should. Very few cover a lot of your inadequacies, but they all should. Even BrainStrong Prenatal isn’t perfect, but it has a few strong points.


Overview of BrainStrong Prenatal Vitamins With DHA

The most notable distinction between BrainStrong prenatal vitamins and many other prenatal vitamins is that it has DHA – 350 mg. It’s obviously fitting that BrainStrong Prenatal was probably named because of the DHA it has. DHA is a nutrient that provides your baby’s brain and eyes with the tools they need to develop properly.

The other important ingredients that come in BrainStrong Prenatal’s formula are 20 vitamins and minerals. Even though not all of them are going to cover your dietary needs for this pregnancy, you are probably eating a healthy diet too. Many of the inadequacies in a prenatal vitamin can often be covered by the food you eat.


Does BrainStrong Prenatal Contain Necessary Nutrients?

Any prenatal vitamin brand without the necessary nutrients wouldn’t be able to sell its product. So, BrainStrong obviously has a few necessary nutrients. As well as other vitamins and minerals, it contains Folate, Iron, and Calcium.

Folate or Folic Acid
This is important because it lowers the risk of neural tube defects. If your baby is born with a neural tube defect, it could be stuck in a wheelchair its whole life, depending on the severity of it.

Iron’s significance is due to your increased amount of blood. You’re going to need more red blood cells, and Iron is just the ticket.

With Calcium, your child’s bones and muscles grow strong so when it is born, it isn’t weak. My cousin was born with a bone disease, so he has been in a wheelchair his whole life. He had to deal with broken bones all the time growing up.


BrainStrong Prenatal Ingredients
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Vitamin E
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Pantothenic Acid


Is BrainStrong Prenatal Your Best Option?

BrainStrong Prenatal might just be your best option when it comes to DHA. However, there are more important ingredients to factor into your diet, and BrainStrong Prenatal can’t give them all to you.

There are four high-quality ingredients that don’t show up in BrainStrong Prenatal, namely:

Inositol, and

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