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The 7 Best Electric Juicers


The beautiful season is finally coming!

If you are particularly a fan of citrus juice during the summer, you will love our selection of the best electric juicers to accompany your favorite dishes with a touch of freshness and many vitamins! Electric juicers are real assets in the kitchen. You will undoubtedly appreciate the speed they offer in making your favorite homemade orange, lemon or grapefruit juices. Much more than a simple fashion, the home-made becomes a real alternative to the industrial one, for the greatest pleasure of your health and your taste buds.

Beginner or accustomed, you will find in this selection of electric juicers for all budgets and adapted to all your needs.

The best electric juicers of 2021

  1. Moulinex PC120870 Ultra compact
  2. Braun CJ3000
  3. Russell-Hobbs 22760-56
  4. Aicok electric juicer
  5. H.Koenig AGR86
  6. Moulinex PC603D10
  7. Black+Decker ES9240050B BXCJ00E

1. Moulinex PC120870 Ultra compact: The best ergonomic electric juicer






  • Extract all the juice from the fruit
  • Very effective
  • Correct price
  • A little noisy



The ultra compact PC120870 model from the French manufacturer Moulinex allows you to squeeze your favorite citrus fruits with ease.

Very compact and inexpensive, it slips and stores anywhere, ideal for small kitchens. The cord holder is also integrated under the device for maximum space saving and minimum bulk. This makes it the best of the ergonomic electric juicers!

Regarding its functions, the central cone has a double center of rotation in order to extract all the juice from the squeezed fruit. With a power of 25W, just hold and lightly press the lid on the cone to extract the juice from the fruit very quickly and easily. With its 450ml capacity, you can make your favorite fruit juices for the whole family! The device’s on-off function is automatic so you can go about your business without worrying about pressing. You can also check the juice level thanks to its transparent walls, allowing you to adapt the number of fruits to be squeezed according to the desired amount of juice.


Great juicer! Quiet, it is small and does not clutter the kitchen. In addition, it is easy to wash and in the blink of an eye you have your glass of orange juice in the morning! You can buy it without worry. I recommand it.


User of the Moulinex PC120870 Ultra compact electric juicer

One of the big advantages of this model is the fact that it is very easy to clean since the juice container, the squeezing cone and the protective cover can be put directly in the dishwasher, in the upper basket.

Finally, the Moulinex PC120870 is almost disconcertingly easy to use, so that a toddler (under adult supervision) can achieve it. The device is almost autonomous, leaving you the simple task of keeping the lid on the fruit, leaving you the possibility of occupying your second hand!

The Moulinex PC120870 Ultra Compact electric juicer in video:


The 7 Best Electric Juicers 1


2. Braun CJ3000: The small, compact juicer with the best price / quality ratio






  • Discreet
  • Quality / price ratio
  • Possible variation in pulp level
  • May discolor
  • No cone protection cover



Released in 2014, the Braun CJ3000 juicer is a small, practical and easy to handle juicer. With a power of 20W and equipped with a stop & start system, it will perfectly meet your expectations and allow you to keep control over the extraction of the juice. With this stop & start system and the pulp variator system, you choose the level of pulp to be extracted at your convenience.

Like the previous model, the Braun CJ3000 has a multidirectional rotation system to extract the maximum amount of juice from your favorite fruits. It also has a reservoir that allows you to easily measure the amount of juice extracted, and manage it if you use this juicer for your culinary preparations. The device also has a cord holder for maximum convenience.


Very happy with this purchase. Works great, great price, quick and easy cleaning, very easy juice extraction. I recommend it for its simple, practical and inexpensive aspect. The best electric juicer for its value for money.


Braun CJ3000 electric juicer user

Braun therefore offers a practical, affordable model for good German quality. The CJ3000 is therefore the best electric juicer in terms of quality / price ratio! Note that the capacity is 350 ml, which will therefore be rather ideal for singles or students. The device is discreet and low-noise, so you can use it early in the morning without disturbing your neighbors or loved ones. The cone makes it easy to extract the juice from all citrus fruits, from the smallest to the largest such as grapefruit.

For maintenance, we strongly recommend that you clean or rinse it well after each use to prevent the white material from discoloring too quickly.

The Braun CJ3000 electric juicer in video:


The 7 Best Electric Juicers 2


3. Russell-Hobbs 22760-56: The best stylish and design electric juicer






  • Discreet
  • Beautiful design
  • Small quantities
  • Slow flow of juice



With the model 22760-56, the English Russel-Hobbs offers a fast mid-range electric juicer perfect for couples. Elegant thanks to its brushed stainless steel design, black head and touches, it will go wonderfully in any kitchen.

The device has two interchangeable cones to allow you to squeeze fruits of different sizes. The small cone will be suitable for lemons and limes, while the large cone is for oranges and grapefruits. Also included is the pulp filtration grid and a cone protection cover.

This model offers an integrated automatic rotation and direction change system: the device does everything for you, saving you time. The cord organizer will also store and hide the power cord to keep your kitchen tidy and stylish.


This juicer is very efficient, easy to use and easy to clean. In addition, it takes up very little space. I didn’t think I would use it so much when I bought it and besides I don’t buy bottled orange juice anymore! The best electric juicer to say goodbye to orange juice bottles full of bad preservatives! I highly recommend this product.


Russell-Hobbs 22760-56 Electric Juicer User

The power of the device is 60W, power which extracts the juice in no time from the fruits. With a light pressure on the fruit, the cone turns automatically without you having to put it on your hands. Once the fruit (s) is squeezed, the juice passes through an elegant spout, allowing you to enjoy the flow of the juice. The spout has a drip stop system to avoid dirtying your worktop, and is located 13 cm from the base to insert a large glass underneath.

Finally, cleaning is very easy since all the detachable parts are dishwasher safe.

The Russell-Hobbs 22760-56 electric juicer in video (in Italian):


The 7 Best Electric Juicers 3


4. Aicok electric citrus juicer: The best value for money for families



The 7 Best Electric Juicers 4



  • Quiet
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Weight 1.6 kg



Released at the end of 2017, Aicok offers us with its electric citrus juicer a practical and efficient device without parasitic noise! Indeed, it has a silent pressing system that allows you to use it at any time of the day (or night).

The device is composed of a non-drip pouring spout that allows you to visualize the poured juice, a power cord cover, an anti-pulp grid and also offers two interchangeable cones of different sizes, suitable for easy peelers for the ‘one as well as large citrus fruits for the other. The rotation of the two cones is done in one direction, without affecting the quality of pressing. Indeed, the Aicok juicer has a power of 85W, largely sufficient to extract all the juice from the fruit in one direction of rotation.


This juicer works very well and it is not very loud. It should be washed immediately after use to prevent the pulp from sticking to the different parts of the appliance.
If you like fruit juice I recommend.


User of the Aicok electric juicer

In terms of materials, Aicok has opted for a stainless steel exterior coating specially designed to resist corrosion and rust. To avoid any transfer of unwanted particles into the juice, Aicok has chosen to coat the sieve in stainless steel for absolute purity of the juice.

Cleaning is very simple since each removable part can very easily be rinsed with tap water. Also be aware that each piece is dishwasher safe. Also, the transparent cover helps protect your device from dust accumulation.

5. H.Koenig AGR86: A professional quality juicer



electric-citrus-press-h-koenig-agr86 (1)



  • BPA free
  • Automatic
  • Power 160W
  • Weight 2kg
  • Price € 49.90



H. Koenig’s AGR86 model is elegant, original and has many advantageous features.

The design of the device is refined thanks to its matte pastel blue color and its stainless steel upper part. It is very practical since nothing protrudes from it. The quality is at the rendezvous since the model is in line with professional juicers. The engine is robust and stops in case of overheating, to start again afterwards. The rotation is carried out in one and the same direction, for a good power of 160W.

In terms of functionality, the AGR56 has an articulated arm allowing you to squeeze the citrus fruits of your choice without soiling your hands, unlike the models previously evaluated. It also consists of a non-drip spout which allows the juice to flow very easily without risking it to flow onto the worktop. A particularly positive point is also the silent pressing system which will avoid waking up your family. The device certifies that none of its components contain Bisphenol A, making H.Koenig AGR86 the best healthy and complete juicer!


After a week of use, I am very happy with it. No need to force the handle, oranges well pressed, for the moment the spout works very well. Quiet device, the best juicer for me! I highly recommend.


User of the H.Koenig AGR86 electric juicer

Unsurprisingly, on the cleaning side, the parts of the device are compatible with washing in the dishwasher.

H. Koenig’s AGR86 electric juicer is in the high price range, since it is offered at € 49.90 with free delivery. However, the device was previously offered at € 99, ​​an attractive 50% discount. It is ideal for those used to citrus fruit pressing who want to discover electric juicers.

6. Moulinex Vitapress Direct PC603D10: The “intelligent” electric juicer






  • 3 cones of perfect size
  • Premium design and finishes
  • Pulp filter
  • Price € 44.99



The Moulinex Vitapress Direct offers a particularly innovative feature: the possibility of personalizing your pressing experience and your juice as much as possible. Indeed, it offers not two but three different cones, perfectly adapted to the size of each citrus fruit to avoid soiling his hands when the fruit is pressed on the device. Also, you have the possibility of modulating the level of pulp in your juice thanks to the pulp filter, to satisfy everyone’s tastes!

On the functional side, the ignition system is managed by an automatic start-stop system. Indeed, the machine itself detects when you position the fruit on the cone and starts automatically. The device offers a non-drip metal spout. The Vitapress Direct has a very ergonomic location for all glass sizes.


Perfect ! Compact, it is not too tall or too big to stay on a worktop. Possibility of partial or total storage of the cord under the block. The spout rises to stop the flow to pass from one glass to another. It is not very noisy, it squeezes well, and is very easily cleaned in one stroke under water. The best electric juicer in my opinion.


User of the Moulinex Vitapress Direct electric juicer

The direction of rotation is unique, which aerates be sufficient given the power of the device (100W) allowing to extract all the juice from the fruit. The machine is relatively quiet. It also offers a cord storage system.

When it comes to cleaning, remember to wash it well after each use to prevent the pulp from sticking to the pressing cone and the grid. We recommend cleaning with a tap.

Finally, the proposed price is around 40 €, making this model one of the most expensive electric juicers in our selection, ideal for regulars who want to upgrade to a higher range.

7. Black + Decker ES9240050B BXCJ00E: The best professional juicer






  • Good relation quality / price
  • Pressure lever
  • Possibility of juice storage
  • Weight 2.4kg



With the model ES9240050B BXCJ00E, the American Black + Decker offers a juicer of excellent professional quality. Important parts of the device are made of stainless steel for optimum durability.

The device has a powerful 100W motor allowing the ultra-fast extraction of the juice of your favorite citrus fruits. The aluminum pressure lever helps keep the pressure on the citrus fruit without getting your hands wet. The device also has a non-drip spout and non-slip rubber feet to prevent unwanted accidents during pressing. The machine is sold with two cones of different size, suitable for each citrus fruit as well as a stainless steel pulp filter.

With the Black + Decker ES9240050B BXCJ00E, you choose to fill the glass directly after pressing or to keep the juice in the reservoir thanks to the anti-drip system.

Despite the good engine power, this model remains relatively quiet.


I’ve had it for several months I use it every morning for my juice and no worries. He is really great. The best value for money you can get! On the other hand, I find that it is not suitable for those who want a juice without pulp.


Black + Decker ES9240050B BXCJ00E Electric Juicer User

The design is representative of professional quality. The body of the Black + Decker is made of anti-fingerprint stainless steel ideal for external cleaning and square and compact in shape to nestle as you wish in any type of nook.

The appliance has removable parts for washing directly in the dishwasher.

With all of these features and the quality on offer, this model from Black + Decker makes it the best professional grade electric juicer.

Finally, the price is very attractive given all the features and quality since it is offered at € 46.99. It will therefore be perfect for those accustomed to pressing citrus fruits who wish to go to the top of the range to gain comfort and speed.

Buying guide: everything you need to know about electric juicers before buying one

The number of citrus fruits to be squeezed

As you may have noticed in our reviews, some juicers offer the possibility of adapting the pressing to the type of citrus selected.

If you love all citrus fruits and intend to make orange, lemon and grapefruit juices, it is a good idea for you to go for an electric juicer that adapts to the size of the citrus fruit. It may be legitimate to wonder why multiple sizes of pressing cones exist and if that makes a real difference in the user experience. The different cone sizes adapt perfectly to the different shapes of citrus fruits. It is a real comfort of pressing since it will limit the splashes on you and on your work plan. A second interest is that of safety: since the pressure of the citrus fruit on the cone is manual for these models of juicer, there is a risk of the fruit slipping, especially if the cone is too small compared to the one. -this. You not only risk dropping the fruit, splashing yourself and splashing your surrounding things. You may also cause your hand to slip off the device during use.

The different sizes of cones therefore allow you to optimize your comfort of use and to make pressing as safe as possible, for you and your loved ones.

One tank one spout

Among the electric juicers, you have the option of choosing a model with reservoir or with pouring by the glass.

Tank models can be great if you’re more used to brewing juice for other people in your household. Different models exist and can store up to 1 liter of juice. Be careful not to keep the juice too long because it will lose all its vitamins and essential nutrients! If home-made is a real choice on your part for the sake of health, opt for the glass models instead.

Many newer, more elaborate models offer an ergonomic spout system that adapts to different sizes of glasses. In particular, they make it possible to simplify the pressing and serving process as much as possible.

Some models offer a more hybrid system, which can be extremely interesting if you have a family. These include the Black + Decker ES9240050B BXCJ00E shown above. Although it was not initially made to contain juice, its anti-drip system allows you to keep it aside. Equipped with many features, it is ideal for families in love with citrus fruit!

The power of the device

Many people ignore it, but the power of the electric juicer should indeed be considered in your choice.

If you plan to use the device occasionally (parties, weekends, holidays), you can afford to use a machine with less power without risking damage to the engine. However, be sure to take one of a suitable power, more than 20W. However, we strongly advise you to go for a powerful device if you plan to use it daily, or at least several times a week. Thus, your engine will last longer and will be able to withstand wear and tear and multiple use in succession. Opt for a professional-grade device such as the Black + Decker ES9240050B BXCJ00E or the H.Koenig AGR86 for a lower cost than the former.

The materials

We advise you to opt for a resistant and healthy material such as stainless steel. Easy to clean, very robust and high quality, it is ideal if you do not want to burden yourself with too long cleaning. For those who are looking for a cheap electric juicer, you can also go for a plastic model. Prefer plastic without BPA, harmful to health. For this, we recommend the H.Koenig AGR86 citrus juicer which is guaranteed BPA-free!

The 7 Best Electric Juicers 5

FAQ: we answer your questions about electric juicers

🍹 How to choose an electric juicer?

In order to choose the best device according to your needs, evaluate the frequency of use of your future electric juicer. If you are a novice and use the appliance infrequently, we advise you to switch to an entry-level electric juicer such as the Moulinex PC120870 Ultra compact, ideal for getting started.

If you are a fan and are looking for a more practical and faster device, we advise you to opt for a more high-end model, especially if several people in your household use the device on a daily basis. For small budgets, the Aicok juicer or the Braun CJ3000 model will fully satisfy you.

🍹 How to use an electric juicer?

The use of electric juicers is broadly similar to all devices. However, some models offer a pressure lever and some do not, and some models offer manual or automatic start.

To use an electric juicer, select the type of citrus you want to use in advance. Position the container under the spout (if there is one). Then select the pressing cone corresponding to the size of your citrus fruit. Position your citrus fruit on the pressing cone and engage the ON button (ignition is automatic for some machines). Use as many citrus fruits as you need and enjoy!


🍹 Should you opt for a manual or electric juicer?

The choice of an electric or manual juicer will depend on several criteria: consumption habit or not, budget, frequency of use. If your budget is very tight, you will be using the juicer less than 2 times a week and you are new to the subject, you can opt for a manual juicer which will be a good choice for starting out in the squeezing process. citrus. If you can afford to spend a bit more, want to use the device regularly, and have used a manual juicer before, you can opt for an electric juicer.

🍹 Electric citrus juicer or juice extractor: which one to choose?

The electric juicer will simply allow you to squeeze all types of citrus fruit as well as possible: grapefruit, oranges, tangerines and clementines, lemons. It is specially adapted to the pressing of this type of fruit, to extract all the juice. The juice extractor is a more complete device since it allows you to extract the juice from all juices and vegetables. You can cook juices, compotes, soups, sorbets and other dishes. Choose the electric juicer if your wish is to simply and very quickly prepare your citrus juices, without the hassle. Juicers are generally more expensive and more difficult to clean.


🍹 Electric citrus juicer or juicer: which one to choose?

Unlike the juice extractor, the juicer crushes fruits and vegetables using centrifugal force. It allows the flesh and pulp of the juice of each ingredient to be properly separated, without the need to cut them upstream. Juicers have a much higher cost than electric juicers and are not especially suitable for extracting juice from citrus fruits. Indeed, under the effect of the crushing, you risk finding citrus peel in your juices. Opt for a juicer if you want to be able to make fruit and vegetable juices in a comprehensive way. Go for an electric juicer if you really want to consume citrus juices!

🍹 Should you choose a citrus juicer with or without a lever?

The main advantage of the lever is to apply the necessary and sufficient pressure to engage the electric juicer, without engaging your hand and risking it all over you. The lever is a real comfort during pressing and a way to secure the process. Indeed, you do not risk slipping your hand during the pressing and injuring yourself, or sliding the fruit and overturning it. Despite everything, leverage is frankly not essential and you can quite do without it, especially if your budget is not very high. It is indeed on more high-end devices that we find the pressing lever.

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