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The best knife sharpeners


The best knife sharpeners

Sharpening a knife is quite an art. In order to guarantee the maximum life of your blade, it is better to get into the habit of pampering it regularly. Like a tree that must be pruned or hair that must be cut, the edge of the knife must be maintained to hope to come to the end of its steak or its imposing country bread. And for good reason: if the sharpening is not regular, thousands of micro-teeth form on both sides of the blade, making cutting difficult or even impossible. To avoid this annoying inconvenience, there are four types of sharpeners on the market  : the electric sharpener, the manual sharpener, the gun and the stone.

The electric sharpener allows quick sharpening of the knife and scissors . Generally quite compact, it remains discreet and can be stored very easily in the kitchen. Equipped with two slots, it allows both sharpening and sharpening the blade for a perfect result.

The manual sharpener requires a little more work since it is necessary to pass the blade of the knife several times in the different slots until the desired result. Also, the latter have several grain thicknesses to adapt to different types of blades.

Sharpening guns are recommended for frequent use. Many professionals in the catering trade, such as butchers or chefs, use it before slicing a piece of meat, cutting vegetables or chopping herbs. Composed of a handle and a solid steel bit covered with diamonds or steel grains, the guns have an excellent lifespan and allow the knives to be maintained very regularly. For best use, the bit size should be larger than the blade size. In addition, sharpening with a rifle requires some practice before fully mastering it.

Finally, the sharpening stone is undoubtedly the ancestor of the previous tools. This is usually made of quartz or diamond powder . The Japanese mainly use this sharpening method, because their mythical knives do not have the same cutting angle as traditional knives. A feature that does not allow them to adapt to the main sharpeners on the market. Note that sharpening on stone requires an even more precise technique than with a rifle and a long apprenticeship before mastering it. Also, the stone must be wetted regularly so as not to damage the knife. These disadvantages are quickly forgotten when the technique is acquired, since stone sharpening remains by far the most effective.

Now that you know the different types of sharpeners, all you have to do is make your choice. In order to guide you before the purchase of this essential equipment to take care of your kitchen knives , we have reviewed the 5 best sharpeners on the market.

The 5 best knife sharpeners

  1. AnySharp Pro – The Best Knife Sharpener of 2021
  2. Bovon sharpener – best manual sharpener under 20 euros
  3. Zwilling Twinsharp Select   – Best Hand Knife Sharpener
  4. Chefs de France sharpener – best professional hand knife sharpener
  5. Domoclip DOM179 – Best cheap electric sharpener

AnySharp Pro – Best Knife Sharpener of 2021



the best knife sharpener from any sharp brand



AnySharp Pro Sharpener Reviews

  • The small format
  • The blade tilted at 20 °
  • The PowerGrip system
  • For its price range, no


Price and photos>     Buy on Amazon>

Note 7.8/10
Materials Ceramic


For nearly a decade, AnySharp has been offering kitchen utensils for cutting, chopping and grating, as well as all the accessories to maintain them. Its sharpener model is therefore naturally part of it. And the least we can say is that the latter combines efficiency and extreme compactness . Unique and patented, its tungsten carbide technology extends the life of almost all knives. Little extra: AnySharp Pro sharpens serrated knives , such as bread knives or hunting knives. Also, the optimum angle for sharpening a blade is 20 °. In order not to require any particular technique from its user, AnySharp Pro isfactory set to these famous 20 ° for perfect sharpening with each pass. Thus, a professional result is within the reach of all, even the most novice. Also, the AnySharp Pro is equipped with a PowerGrip suction cup on its base.

It is therefore possible to securely fix the sharpener on any worktop without tools. Practical, it can even be used on a vertical surface , such as a tiled splashback. Thus, it is possible to sharpen your kitchen knife with one hand in complete safety while keeping your other hand out of danger. Also, the AnySharp Pro sharpener has a polymer blade guide . Softer than metal, the material protects both the structure of the sharpener and the knives.

Always safe, AnySharp Pro requires minimal pressure to sharpen its blades . Thus, it restores a perfect angle and removes a tiny amount of metal. The practical sharpener is also discreet enough to be easily stored in the kitchen drawer or attached to the refrigerator. Indeed, its mini size (6 x 6 x 6.4 cm) allows it to blend into the decor while remaining within reach.

Best of all: AnySharp Pro comes with a lifetime warranty on all of its components , not just the sharpening nozzle. Excellent news for an accessory in this price range. Thus, with very honorable characteristics, practicality and foolproof compactness , the AnySharp Pro does it with honors and wins the prize for the best compact knife sharpener in its category.

Bovon sharpener – best manual sharpener under 20 euros



manual sharpener less than 20 euros from the boyon brand



Reviews of the Bovon manual sharpener

  • The price
  • Ease of storage
  • The suction cup
  • To be perfect, it would have had to adapt to the toothed knives


Price and photos>     Buy on Amazon>

Note 8.6/10
Materials Ceramic Diamond


There are companies with very diverse know-how which nevertheless excel in each field. This is the case of the Bovon house which, initially specialized in high-tech products, offers a knife sharpener at a low price with many advantages . Practical, the latter is equipped with a suction cup allowing it to be fixed on any flat surface. A guarantee of safety that allows it not to move a centimeter during sharpening operations. Also, the Bovon sharpener combines efficiency and ease thanks to its sharpening system in just two steps.. Its coarse slot allows you to do most of the work for dull or even damaged knives. A subsequent passage in its fine ceramic slot ensures the finishing and polishing of the blade for a perfect result in just a few seconds .

Another not insignificant characteristic: its solidity. Indeed, the Bovon sharpener combines stainless steel and high quality ABS plastic for an unparalleled service life . Versatile, it adapts to a large number of types of knives, such as kitchen knives, boning knives, slicing knives, fruit knives, and of course chef’s knives.

Lightweight and compact (13.5 x 7 x 4 cm), it slips into the kitchen drawer or slips between household appliances in the cupboards.

Thus, with extreme ease of use, excellent build quality and a great price , the Bovon sharpener remains one of the best manual sharpeners under 20 euros on the market.

Zwilling Twinsharp Select – Best Hand Knife Sharpener



twinsharp hand sharpener



Reviews of the Twinsharp Select hand sharpener

  • The designs
  • Ergonomics
  • Manufacturing quality
  • Excellence has a price


Price and photos>     Buy on Amazon>

Note 8.6/10
Materials Stainless steel, Steel


A German company specializing in the manufacture of high-end products for professional and amateur chefs around the world, Zwilling has been aiming for excellence since its creation in 1731. Backed by a set of specifications with high quality standards, the company strives for above all on solid materials and innovative technologies . With a widely proven track record in development and manufacture, it is therefore no surprise that the brand’s sharpener model is of exceptional quality.. Equipped with two modules, the Twinsharp Select sharpener brings knives back to life while guaranteeing the best results. Here, the first diamond notch is intended to gently remove light damage to the knife edge. A passage in the second ceramic slot smooths the entire blade to obtain an optimal edge . Also, its 35 ° sharpening angle is preset for a precise and effortless result. The Twinsharp Select thus makes it possible to work in the kitchen with cutting tools as efficient as those of professionals .

We will also note the elegance of the design thanks to its ergonomic handle designed to suit both right-handed and left-handed users. All members of the family can therefore use it for cooking without any difficulty.

Made of stainless steel, it is both durable and robust and ensures perfect sharpening in complete safety thanks to its non-slip rubber feet . In addition, its modest dimensions (19 cm long and weighing 300 g) allow it to integrate discreetly into modern kitchens and to store easily in drawers or cupboards.

Thanks to its unique know-how acquired over the centuries, Zwilling offers a sharpener with a very elegant design and solid materials . It is therefore no surprise that the Twinsharp Select remains the best hand sharpener on the market.

Chefs de France sharpener – best professional hand knife sharpener



Chef de France professional knife sharpener



Chefs de France pro sharpener review

  • The excellent quality / price ratio
  • Manufacturing quality
  • Ergonomics
  • The non-slip grip
  • Does not sharpen toothed knives


Price and photos>     Buy on Amazon>

Note 7.8/10
Materials Stainless steel


Created in 2015 by Chloé and Mathieu, two lovers of cooking and good eating, the Chefs de France company supports the daily kitchen with professional quality products at very affordable prices . Specializing above all in the design of ceramic knives, Chefs de France has diversified its range by multiplying its accessories. It is therefore natural that the brand offers its own knife sharpener.

What is striking at first glance are the small dimensions of the utensil. With its 20 x 10 cm, we are facing a real pocket sharpener in the palm of your hand . This does not prevent it from being a formidable efficiency. Indeed, this sharpener gives a new youth to the smooth knives thanks to its system of 3 slots . Thus, the sharpener can sharpen both steel and ceramic blades. A rare feature for a product in this price range . Here,the “coarse” and “fine” slots allow you to work with blunt knives in steel and other metals. The “ceramic” slot, on the other hand, is used to sharpen ceramic knives even after several years of use. Thus, whatever the material of the blade, the Chefs de France house sharpener ensures perfect cutting of food and a considerable saving of time in the kitchen .

Designed for a  grip ergonomically , s has handle is adapted to the shape of the hand for maximum comfort. Also, the sharpener is equipped with a non-slip grip for perfect adhesion to the work surface and increased safety .

On the design side, functionality takes precedence with simple lines that promote sharpening efficiency. Made from high-quality stainless steel, the Chefs de France sharpener promises a foolproof lifespan . With such features, it remains the best inexpensive pro sharpener in its class.

Domoclip DOM179 – Best cheap electric sharpener



cheap electric sharpener from Domoclip



Reviews of the Domoclip electric sharpener

  • French brand
  • The energy efficient motor
  • The cool look
  • Versatility
  • Not suitable for toothed knives


Price and photos>     Buy on Amazon>

Note 6.6/10
Materials Steel


Domoclip   is a French brand which now enjoys a strong notoriety in the field of small household appliances. Also, the Domoclip range   is designed to improve and embellish everyday life thanks to products with attractive design and at accessible and competitive prices . The wide range of the brand revolves around 3 universes:  Kitchen, Home and Beauty & Well-being. Here, it is the first category that interests us with a particularly efficient electric sharpener.
Indeed, the DOM179 allows you to sharpen and polish kitchen knives  thanks to its 2 high resistance grinding wheels. To do this, simply proceed in two steps. First of all, the first slit sharpens the blade, removing all its irregularities. Then, a passage in the second allows to polish it for an impeccable result and a perfect cut .

Working with steel alloy, carbon steel and stainless steel knives , it sharpens the vast majority of smooth-edged knives . Versatile, it is also responsible for sharpening ax blades and other butchery instruments. Features worthy of a true professional sharpener while remaining extremely easy to use. Equipped with a simple on-off switch, just press it to activate the 40-watt motor and instantly turn the grinding wheels. Very low in energy , it allows you to sharpen all your knives without worrying about your electricity bill. Its design is very pleasant thanks to a modern look while roundness.Its modest dimensions (25.4 x 17.4 x 12.2 cm) allow it to remain discreet and to store easily in all modern kitchens.

Thanks to its low price, versatility and low consumption , the DOMI 179 from Domoclip is undoubtedly the best inexpensive electric knife sharpener on the market.

Buying guide: how to choose the best knife sharpener?

Cooking enthusiasts will all say it: cutting your piece of meat, vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs like butter is absolute comfort. To do this, the maintenance of knives and cutting equipment is essential . Also, the latter involves the acquisition and use of a sharpener. Whether manual or electric, it must have a few essential characteristics to do its job properly. To help you see more clearly, here are the most important before making the purchase.

The choice of materials

There are several materials depending on the use of a sharpener. Steel is generally used for blades also made of steel. Its abrasive surface allows you to quickly recreate the edge of a knife. We will choose the diamond for steel knives or any other material. It is particularly recommended for ceramic blades. Ceramic , in fact, is used after sharpening for an irreproachable finish .

The seed

The thicker the grain of the sharpener, the more it will have the ability to restart the edge of a knife that no longer cuts.
The finer the grain, the sharper it will give the edge of your knife. The majority of sharpeners have these two characteristics through two different slots . Some even have three to suit different types of knives.


It is essential for safe sharpening . So choose a model whose base is equipped with non-slip rubber. There are even some sharpeners that have a suction cup so you can attach it to any flat surface, including vertical surfaces. An ideal option for sharpening knives with one hand.


It is very important because it allows you not to tire out when servicing the blade . The most user-friendly models have an ergonomic handle for a perfect grip. A characteristic which also gives the sharpener a certain stability. [/ Thrive_toggles]

The electric motor

Some models are equipped to automate and facilitate the operation . If you choose an electric model, go for a fairly powerful motor . Otherwise, you risk damaging your knives, while the goal is to improve the cut. So a 40 watt motor is enough for the electric sharpener to perform its function perfectly.

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